Creating a perfect space for school-going kids and making it stylish and functional is a tightrope walk.  You want your kid’s bedroom to be in sync with your home decor, still reflecting his style and personality.  Designing a pretty yet practical kid’s bedroom is a fine task.  More so if he or she is a school-going kid.

School-going kids have their own concept of a bedroom.  It is their relaxation zone, their refuge, their study circle.  It is a room where they spend most of their time.  Considering it, this space should be functional, practical, and personalized, with some fun-filled elements added to it.

There are some must-haves in a kid’s bedroom.  Such as a study table, a comfy bed, sufficient storage, proper seating, and so on.  Here are eight essentials in a school-going kid’s bedroom to help you create a comprehensive space for your kid to spend quality time in.

A study area with a study table

With their academic schedule, exams, and series of projects and homework, kids need in their bedroom an organized study area with having study table especially designed for students.

Invest in a good study table for kids.  To hold their course materials, books, notebooks, a study table with a bookshelf is a good idea.  If you are looking for a sturdy study table design, go for a wooden study table.  Give kids space to keep their stuff in an orderly manner.

Proper lighting

A school-going kid has to spend a lot of time in front of his or her computer, laptop, or smartphone.  The current online schooling requires some inevitable adjustments.  Considering their screen time, the bedroom must have adequate lighting.

Natural light is always the best.  Do make sure that your kid’s study table with bookshelf has space to keep a table lamp too.  This is especially required if the kids are reading or studying at night or early in the morning.

Suitable colour scheme

Kids feel delighted if their rooms are done in the colours of their liking.  Pick the colour palette which your child loves.  A refreshing colour scheme will create a happy, youthful and upbeat vibe.  Pastel colours like sky blue, aqua blue, sea green, pale yellow are the right colours for a bedroom for a soothing feel.  Add a distinctive flavour to the room with colourful curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, wall panels, and carpet if you choose.

Sufficient storage

Kids have a world of their own, full of their prized possessions.  Their world revolves around their sports equipment, musical instruments, toys, soft toys, board games, school materials, and a lot more.  A school-going kid’s bedroom should have sufficient storage.

Plan your choice and type for storage space for your child, depending on his belongings’ quantity, shapes, and sizes.  Think of a good dressing table with drawers, a study table with storage, a built-in wardrobe, wall-to-wall storage, shelves, bed with storage, and so on.

A touch of style

Enliven and brighten up your kid’s bedroom by adding exciting or soothing graphics based on a theme he or she is passionate about.  Music or sports, for instance.  A cheerful and positive theme always adds value to the decor and elevates the mood.  You can also add some style by putting wallpaper, decals, photo frames, or posters.

Multi-purpose furniture

With design insights and techniques, you can transform the school-going kid’s bedroom into an enchanting comfort zone.  The furniture should be space-saving and multi-functional.  Here are some tips for choosing furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

  • A vertical storage unit saves space and keeps the desk clutter-free.
  • Select a comfortable study chair that is suitable for posture and seating.
  • The bedroom should have some extra seating for your kid’s school friends if they come to study or hand around A bean bag, a couple of stools, or comfy chairs, a futon will do just fine.
  • Loft beds are great for extra work, play, and storage space.
  • Ottomans with storage features is a great furniture idea, which is simply loved by kids.

Statement furnishing

Select the soft furnishings, including cushions and bed covers, in sync with your kid’s style and spirit.  How about a cushion cover embroidered beautifully with his favourite car’s logo symbol or her favourite Marvel hero!  The designs, prints, or patterns of the curtains bed covers should be in harmony with your kid’s personality.  He should belong to the room.

Quality bedding and pillows

A school-going kid has to put many hours into schooling, homework, tests, and projects.  Consequently, he needs to rest and sleep well.  That’s where the bedding comes in.  A good quality mattress, bedding, and pillows are a must.

Last but not the least, a bedroom is simply incomplete without a small and delightful piece of your kid.  It can be a fabulous painting done by him, an accessory cherished by her, or just family photos or keepsakes.

Kids’ bedroom is a special place, where they will close their eyes every night and wake up every morning to a new day, with new hopes and dreams.  Fill it with delightful things that inspire your kids and make them happy.