When we think about well-being and taking care of ourselves, we often find ourselves focusing on our diet and making sure we get enough exercise. While those two elements are vitally important, there is also another critical component to making sure we live a long and healthy life. Getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important to our continued well-being, and our overall enjoyment in life. In fact, consistent quality sleep can even help extend our lives.

The busy pace of modern life leaves few moments of rest or relaxation during the day. From the time we wake up in the morning, to the time we retire at night, our days are filled with countless tasks, endless emails, and stressful moments. To be at our best when we tackle the day, we need to make sure that we have slept well and given our body, mind and spirit a chance to recharge and refresh. When we sleep well, our body is able to make the repairs it needs and keep our immune system functioning well. To be at our best and to stay healthy, we need sleep that is uninterrupted and nourishes our being. Several key factors allow us to get the good quality sleep that we need.

Choose a Top-Quality Bed

It’s amazing when you stop and think that we spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping. Given the importance of good sleep, and the hours we devote to it, investing in a top-quality bed is a great idea. When your bed is comfortable and provides excellent support, you will be able to sleep well throughout the night.

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Select Bedding That Keeps You at the Right Temperature

Another key factor in getting quality sleep is to make sure your body is kept at your optimal temperature all night long. If you find yourself too hot or too cold, instead of getting the regenerative sleep you need you will find yourself tossing and turning all night long.

If you tend to sleep hotter at night, choose a cooler duvet as part of your bedding. By the same token, if you run cold, you could select a slightly warmer duvet for your bed covering. You will also want to change your bedding to keep up with the temperature differences in the seasons.

Make Your Bedroom a Serene, Soothing Place

When you enter your bedroom to get ready for sleep late in the evening, it’s helpful if you are retiring to a calm and soothing space. If your bedroom is an oasis of serenity, your body will feel it can relax and you can shed the cares and stresses of the day.

Colour is very important for a calm bedroom; you will want to chooses soft neutrals like greys and creams. Pastel shades are perfect if you want to add a splash of colour to the space. Soft textures, plants and gentle, ambient lighting can all help add to the room’s relaxing feeling.