It’s easy to list the benefits of top dressing with compost as many people are familiar with this method of gardening. This is because the earthworms do most of the work. However, you don’t have to be an earthworm farmer to reap these benefits of top dressing with compost.

Even if you’re just trying to recycle some kitchen scraps, you can do the same thing by turning your kitchen scraps into compost. It is even easy for you to make your own compost pile at home that will help you compost faster.

In addition to the many benefits of top dressing with compost, it is also very easy to create a compost pile in your garden. You will just need to find a place where there’s plenty of sunlight. The area should also be shielded from wind so that the air doesn’t dry up. If you’re going to use a bin, you will want to line it with shredded newspaper so that it will be easier for the worms to crawl inside. After lining the bin, you will want to place it in an open area like on the patio.

Once you have your compost pile ready, you will want to turn the compost at least once a week. This is because you want to aerate the pile so that the contents will decompose properly. However, you don’t have to turn the compost very often. Just set your compost pile in the sun for a few hours and then cover it up. This will allow the natural moisture to rise inside the compost pile while the sun dries out the material.

The next step in making compost is to add the top dressing. The benefit here is that you can use leftovers and scraps whenever you need a quick fix to a compost pile. If you’re looking to put top dressing on your compost, you will want to put one pound of meat or other high quality cuttings into the pile. After adding this top dressing, you will want to let the compost sit for about an hour before moving it outdoors to the sunlight.

If you’re looking to make top dressing from scratch, you will want to find high-quality green keeping equipment for sale. For example, if you want to make sausage, you will want to find both long and short bones. Long bones take longer to break down but will produce the best results. Short bones are more affordable and are better for people who don’t have time to put into making compost. In fact, you can buy bone meal for less than a dollar per pound at many stores.