Home remodeling is always enthralling, and while there are a few tasks that can become your weekend DIY projects, other jobs require professional assistance. Painting the interiors & exteriors of your home is one of them. Nothing beats the work of a professional team of painters, and if you are in Asheville, you will find no dearth of choices. In this post, we are sharing all you need to know about comparing and choosing between Asheville house painters.

  • Reputation and credibility. You have to consider reputation and market standing of a local painting service before you hire them. Check if the concerned painters have good reviews online, and if the service claims to be among the top painters in Asheville, consider asking for estimates.
  • Expertise. Painting homes, apartments, and condos, needs expertise and experience. Find a company that has years of work behind them, and check the range of services they offer. Do they offer both brush and spray painting? Can they handle both interior and exterior painting needs? Do they have expertise in color matching? Ask these questions first!
  • Other services that matter. Before exteriors of your home can be painted, there could be a need for power washing and ensuring that walls are clean before fresh paint is applied. If the team of painters can handle tasks like these, along with drywall repair, and wood rot repair, it can be a great advantage.

  • Check the basic details. All exterior house painters Asheville NC need to be licensed and insured. They must have an in-house team of painters, who are capable of finishing work on deadline and reducing wastage of materials. You also need to check if the concerned service has workers’ compensation insurance. Painting jobs are risky, and you don’t want to spend on unwanted medical bills.
  • Ask for an estimate. While price shouldn’t be the reason to hire a house painter, we recommend that you get an estimate. Most painting services in Asheville will send in their experts, who will be more than happy to help with the initial inspection and offer a quote, which is free of obligation. Check if the concerned service offers some warranty on the job, and if they can get the painting supplies at the right price, instead of buying them directly from retailers.

Check now to shortlist residential painting services in Asheville, and don’t forget to get a clear contract in advance.