If you are in the process of renovating your existing home or you have recently purchased a new property that requires a pretty big refurbishment project before you can move in, rent it out or sell it on, one big area of decision making that impacts many different factors of the home is the windows. If there are sash windows in place currently you will be wondering about whether or not you should replace them or repair them. This is a big question and will make a big impact on the overall project. Speaking to sash window specialists will help you to reimagine what the space will look like with repaired or refurbished sash windows in place, and 99.9% of the time, this will be the answer you are looking for.

It is important to understand sash windows when you first begin to make changes to a property you live in or during a renovation project for a building you have just purchased. Some people make the mistake of instantly removing the frames and the sash windows completely, to start again from scratch. If they can be repaired or replaced with new sash windows that match the style and period, restore them and waterproof them and you have original sash windows that add real value to the property and help you to manage costs. Suppliers of sash windows and specialist sash window repair companies will help you to bring your dream vision to life with the perfect windows for your renovation property.

Timber windows can present some challenges, and that is why at first on a renovation project there is sometimes a desire to scrap and start again. In many cases though, these problems can be fixed with relative ease with a bit of care and dedication. Foggy windows, frames that have begun to rot or sashes that stick and are difficult to slide open, are all issues that can be repaired.

In those cases where a sash window is beyond repair, it’s recommended that you first look at ways they can be replaced to match the same design and standard, rather than replace with a completely different style of window.

The benefits to replacing sash windows or repairing sash windows in your home is that you retain that original architectural design and character. By retaining the box frame and replacing the glazing, the homeowner can also benefit from a high thermal performance level and great draught proofing that might have been missing prior to the renovation. The original timber should always be retained where possible, as it is likely to be of a high quality. With expert repairs and replacement of certain parts of an original sash window, you can ensure your property has use of them for the next century and more!

In a period property, wooden sash windows add a touch of sophistication and glamour, making them a popular feature amongst homeowners. Finding a reputable supplier of timber sash windows will mean you accentuate these features as part of your home renovation. If a sash window has seen better days, you can transform the room and the exterior of the building by either repairing the sash windows in place, replacing just the moving sashes with new double glazing, or replacing them with timber sash windows that match the era and architecture of the building, as well as the interior decor.